Monday, September 20, 2010

My Fancy Cake Weekend!!!

Me and My mom got two orders for two very different cakes! The first one was for a bride's wedding shower, a PINK TIFFANY BOX!! Secondly, we got a request for a record player. which makes one busy weekend! On the tiffany box I found a cool ring that
lite up! This was my first record player, so it took some time to get that record right! The bride really loved it and I had fun doing both of these great cakes, even though I spent most of Friday night making them perfect. Next cake........United Way Cake Auction cake!!! Let me get started, you will be able to see it soon..........


  1. Fab cakes - I love the record player!

  2. Sydnee, these cakes are super cute! What have you been up to lately? Show us some new cakes!!